ARTIST: Various     CATEGORY: Group Exhibition      WHEN: April 02,2011


Happiness is an universal feeling everyone can feel, but it is personal and unique, as well. Someone can be happy because of a thousand of reasons, and they are different for every single person. However, advertising, Media, television series and other impacts that we receive daily, often show us an unreal and artificial stereotype of happiness, which does not correspond with our daily reality.


It is time for people to show, through their photographs, what actually makes them happy: a special moment, a feeling, a place, a person, an idea, some details, everything is good as long as it reflects any moment of true happiness.


On July 2nd, in over 20 cities simultaneously, anonymous photographs will become real protagonists of a unique exhibition: a wall will turn into a improvised open-air museum, where everyone could show their pictures and see them. We all know what makes us happy, but what is happiness for the rest of the people? We’ll find it out soon.