ARTIST: Meredit Dittmar     CATEGORY: Solo Exhibition      WHEN: October 17,2013


Olga Košica – jewellery designer, and Rok Marinšek –graphic designer, create jewellery collections under the name olgafacesrok. For the Milk Gallery they decided to present a mixed show exhibition entitled Heart, which follows their past jewellery collection called Inside Out. In this particular exhibition the main subject is heart as the object of different emotional stories and characteristics. What is on the inside tells a different story the moment it becomes visible, a story from the reverse perspective. What is hidden from the eye and therefore doesn’t appeal can be given a new dimension once it is exposed to a different view.


Košica earned a masters degree at the Royal College of Art, London, while Marinšek completed visual communication studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. Their work takes inspiration from contemporary art, sculpture, painting, street art motifs as well as the metropolis and nature. Their contemporary jewellery makes use of a variety of materials from acrylic glass to metal and ceramics – combining multiple materials and techniques. In their most recent jewellery project presented at the official Paris Fashion Week schedule in collaboration with the China based designer Masha Ma, they have explored new technologies, in particular 3D printing.

Live act with Katja Sulc // Twisted Delight produced by PIER
Following the sensual loving scream of first two single releases, “I Love You You Scream“ (2010) and “There Will Be Boys“ (2012), Katja released the album “Twisted Delight” in March 2013. Rooted in hypnotic rhythms of reggae and dubstep, the record can be described as musically diverse, drawing from a variety of styles, including soul, jazz and r’n’b, evoking sensual thoughts and taking the listener’s body and soul on a musical journey infused with twisted delight and deep calming rhythms …