ARTIST: Muharrem Çetin     CATEGORY: Solo Exhibition      WHEN: June 30,2011


Banané & Milk present the first solo exhibition of Muharrem Cetin.
Born in Istanbul in 1983, Muharrem has been working in the textiles
sector since the year 2000, and entered the world of fashion after
working as assistant to the fashion designer Baha Kutan. For the past
three years he has produced designs for numerous fashion brands.


Fascinated by anatomical imagery, Muharrem began collecting bits and
pieces in the hope of one day being able to utilise them for artwork.Two years ago he began experimenting by layering his found imagery and continued to extend his collection by skimming through online
libraries and scanning old books. His digital collages have been internationally recognised and featured in magazines both printed and online. Recently, he has made the transition from digital to physical
pieces, constructing intricate large scale collages.


Muharrem’s first exhibition at Milk Gallery consists of a variety of
layered collage pieces, a series of notebooks, a T-shirt and jewellery