ARTIST: Ezgi Genç     CATEGORY: Solo Exhibition      WHEN: April 01,2010


Ezgi Genç, who studies Traditional Turkish Arts in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University puts a new interpretation on movie posters, with felt, an art material which has never been used before in designing traditional movie posters. Ezgi’s first personal exhibition, which she calls


“Dowery Movies”, is at Milk Gallery and Design Store on April 1!
Because she thinks the movie posters get more ordinary day by day and the designers take the easy way out, Ezgi tries to find a personal approach for the situation. Ezgi, who designs 3 dimensional, interactive movie posters, presents her feelings and childlike ideas without regard to any marketing strategies on the posters she creates.


If you wonder what movies these hand crafted posters (made with love) belong to, just stop by Milk in April..