ARTIST: Das Mo     CATEGORY: Solo Exhibition      WHEN: March 27,2009


Timo aka „das mo“ is a toy designer and customizer currently based in Munich, Germany. He started casting toys like 3 years back – 100% handmade, 100% in house production. das mo published his first DIY toy platform Mate end of 2007 and kicked of his Tales from Mo Island series with the release of his Monster Mates in early 2008. Since there were various toy customs and character related canvases published and currently das mo is working on a new toy platform to be released this year!
Some of his works will be;
# MoRobo – custom robolucha
# some hand casted blank toys
# the king off… – custom mate
# heavy monster mate support bot – custom monster mate
# custom ego – ego platform by dust
# sad little tv – custom toy made from munny accessories
# bramble dog – custom bramble by ashley wood
# skully bo(o)mber – custom skully
# the lost guard – custom mate
# custom fyoog robot toy

and some more suprises !