Contemporary Istanbul

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 ARTIST: Various     BOOTH: IKM 305      WHEN: 12 – 16 November


The 9th edition of Contemporary Istanbul, the most extensive contemporary art fair of the region, will take place on 13th- 16th, November 2014.


For four days, Contemporary Istanbul is hosting international galleries, artists from all over the world, collectors, museum directors, curators, art critics, members of press and art lovers at Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Center (ICEC) and Istanbul Congress Center. And in addition to the main event, Contemporary Istanbul is organizing through the year several side events and art projects such as conferences, exhibitions with the aim of contributing to the country’s contemporary art development.


Milk artists; Burak Şentürk, Ayşe Küçük, Sedat Girgin and Ethem Onur Bilgiç

Uzay Çöpü

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<h1 style=”text-align: center;”>SON İNTİHAR 2</h1>

<h2>  ARTIST: <span style=”color: #999999;”>Uzay Çöpü</span>     CATEGORY<strong>:</strong> <span style=”color: #999999;”>Solo Exhibition</span>      WHEN<strong>:</strong> <span style=”color: #999999;”>August 03, 2014</span></h2>


<p style=”text-align: center;”>RoboCop, 1988 senesinde Paul Verhoeven’in yönetmenliğini üstlendiği bağımsız bir bilimkurgu filmidir. Birinci filmin başarısının ardından yapılan iki büyük bütçeli devam filmi, televizyon dizileri, çizgi film ve çizgi romanlarla beraber hediyelik eşyalarıyla RoboCop karakteri, hicvettiği popüler dünyanın ajanlarından birine dönüşür.</p>
<p style=”text-align: center;”>MGM stüdyolarına ait olan RoboCop emtiasında aykırı ve protest tavırlarıyla tanınan efsanevi sanatçı Frank Miller da görev alır. Yıllar sonra Miller’in kaleme aldığı bu iki alternatif senaryo, tahrif edilmeden, kâğıt üstünde sinemaya en yakın anlatım dili olan çizgi romana uyarlanır. RoboCop 3’ün uyarlamasında ise. M. Korkut Öztekin (Manga: Bir Kültürel Direniş Aracı, Deli Gücük Zifirname) çizerlik yaparlar.</p>
<p style=”text-align: center;”>Bu sergide ortaya konan işler, Los Angeles kökenli yayın evi BOOM! Studios bünyesinde piyasaya sürülen; Frank Miller ve Steven Grand’ın kaleme aldıkları RoboCop 3 filmi senaryosundan uyarlanan ve Korkut Öztekin’in resimlediği 2013 tarihli RoboCop: Last Stand (RoboCop: Son Direniş) adlı grafik romanın orijinal siyah beyaz sayfalarından oluşmaktadır.</p>

Wounded Wolf

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 ARTIST: None     CATEGORY: Book Launch      WHEN: January 31,2014


Wounded Wolf Press is an internationally acclaimed publishers house-press known for it’s curatorial selection of finest poets, writers and musicians ranging from folklore to fiction to poetry. On the Wounded Wolf Press Night, James Vella,  – operator of the legendary U.K label FatCat Records (Sigur Ros, Fennesz, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Múm…) and guitar player of Yndi Halda – will read selections from his new book Devourings and will be signing his new book.
Other than the reading; the eclectic folk project of Wounded Wolf Press owners Gözde Omay and Atay İlgün’s The Hogweed And The Aderyn will perform a mini show and night will close with a textural-visual show by Atay İlgün & Alper Yıldırım’s Aokigahara; The Black Sea of Trees.


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 ARTIST: Various     CATEGORY: Private Event      WHEN: 2014


Berlin merkezli elektronik müzik ajansı ve plak şirketi JACKMODE AGENCY’nin 5. yılı için Gigology tarafından düzenlenen 1 ve 2 Kasım’da gerçekleşecek weekender kapsamında tek günlük bir sergiye ev sahipliği yapıyoruz.Hamburg’lu dj Duo’su Adana Twins’in yarısı Take İt Easy’nin özel HipHop seti eşliğinde görülebilecek işler:İki Alman kardeşin projesi, hareketinin kayda değer ismi Monkey Safari’nin uzun yıllardır birlikte çalıştığı tasarımcısının bu güne kadar ürettiği illüstrasyonlar ve bu sergi için tasarladığı özel işleri,

– Jackmode bünyesinde bulunan farklı skaladan 4 projenin; Adana Twins, Monkey Safari, Chasing Kurt ve Zombie Disco Squad’ın bugüne kadar gerçekleşen showlarında çekilen fotoğraflarından kendi seçkileri,
– Adana Twins’in showlarında kendi kaydettiği görüntülerden oluşan video belgesel.
Sergide ayrıca, Jackmode’un 5. yılı için bünyesindeki 40’ı aşkın sanatçının katkılarıyla yayınladığı parçalardan oluşan toplamaları, 5. yıl özel plakları ve JEUDİ Records plakları ve tshirtleri edinilebilecek.

Ethem Onur

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 ARTIST: Ethem Onur Bilgiç     CATEGORY: Solo Exhibition      WHEN: December 03,2013


Born in 1986 at İnebolu. He completed high school at Ereğli Konya Anatolian High School. He decided to study graphic design in 2007 and went to Mimar Sinan Fine Art University Graphic Design Division.He made book cover designs and book illustrations for publishing companies including  İthaki Publications, Radikal newspaper and cover&topic artworks for magazines like NTV Tarih, GQ Turkey, Notos, Sabitfikir, Bant Mag, Mediacat, Skylife, Zero İstanbul. He worked with many leading advertising agencies. He made posters for movie, plays and festivals such as Bursa International Silk Road Film Festival, Malatya International Film Festival. He attended many karma exhibitons domestic and abroad.


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 ARTIST: Meredit Dittmar     CATEGORY: Private Event      WHEN: October 26,2013


The October dinner gathering is being held in honor of The Kinfolk Table cookbook release, and will be a global celebration of all that the cookbook represents: widespread and local community, timeworn recipes, and the simple joy of sharing food with friends and family. We hope these collective meals will become a way to invite new and old friends together, and to enjoy some of the favorite family recipes and dishes that we’ve all separately come to cherish.


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 ARTIST: Meredit Dittmar     CATEGORY: Solo Exhibition      WHEN: October 17,2013


Olga Košica – jewellery designer, and Rok Marinšek –graphic designer, create jewellery collections under the name olgafacesrok. For the Milk Gallery they decided to present a mixed show exhibition entitled Heart, which follows their past jewellery collection called Inside Out. In this particular exhibition the main subject is heart as the object of different emotional stories and characteristics. What is on the inside tells a different story the moment it becomes visible, a story from the reverse perspective. What is hidden from the eye and therefore doesn’t appeal can be given a new dimension once it is exposed to a different view.


Košica earned a masters degree at the Royal College of Art, London, while Marinšek completed visual communication studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. Their work takes inspiration from contemporary art, sculpture, painting, street art motifs as well as the metropolis and nature. Their contemporary jewellery makes use of a variety of materials from acrylic glass to metal and ceramics – combining multiple materials and techniques. In their most recent jewellery project presented at the official Paris Fashion Week schedule in collaboration with the China based designer Masha Ma, they have explored new technologies, in particular 3D printing.

Live act with Katja Sulc // Twisted Delight produced by PIER
Following the sensual loving scream of first two single releases, “I Love You You Scream“ (2010) and “There Will Be Boys“ (2012), Katja released the album “Twisted Delight” in March 2013. Rooted in hypnotic rhythms of reggae and dubstep, the record can be described as musically diverse, drawing from a variety of styles, including soul, jazz and r’n’b, evoking sensual thoughts and taking the listener’s body and soul on a musical journey infused with twisted delight and deep calming rhythms …


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 ARTIST: OneForWall     CATEGORY: Solo Exhibition      WHEN: October 03,2013


Meredith Dittmar is an artist living and playing in Portland OR. Born near Boston Mass, she grew up in a world of pet pigs, horses, hay-forts and spy games . Follow this with an education in computer science, a career in interactive design, a compulsive need to create, and a drive to Seek and you get the major elements of her person and work.


Her characters are frequently involved in quiet expressive moments, or lounge facing their audience so they can share their inner space. Dittmar believes it is this space we recognize in ourselves, and through convening in that space, the interconnectedness of all things is revealed. She sees the act of spontaneous artistic creation as part of a larger practice of being present, and a way to better understand herself and reality.


Dittmars human-animal-plant-energy amalgams contain threads of common elements and colors to express deep levels of union across themes of biology, technology, and consciousness.

Steve Gullıck

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 ARTIST: Steve Gullick     CATEGORY: Solo Exhibition      WHEN: 2013


Rock müziğini fotoğraflarına taşıyan ve bir dönemi ölümsüzleştiren Britanyalı fotoğraf sanatçısı Steve Gullick, Bant Mag ekibinin Vodafone Istanbul Calling kapsamında ağırlayacağı konuklarından biri olarak, 22 mayıs-5 haziran arasında Milk Gallery & Design Store’da izleyiciyle buluşacak.


Çektiği Nirvana, Björk, Neil Young, The Cure, Liars ve Cat Power portreleriyle müzik severlerin zihninde yerini almış olan Steve Gullick, daha önce hiçbir yerde yayınlanmamış Kurt Cobain fotoğraflarının da bulunduğu “Emergence” sergisinde Punk ve Grunge’ın parlak döneminden karelerle o yılları, mahrem köşelerinden de geçerek olduğu gibi önümüze getiriyor.


Fotoğrafçılığın yanısıra müzisyen kimliğiyle de tanınan Steve Gullick, grubu The Tenebrous Liar ile geçen yıllarda İstanbul’a da bir konser verdi. Kendisi ayrıca ünlü müzik yazarı Evertt True ile birlitke Careless Talk Costs Lives ve Lose Lips Sink Ships gibi yayınları da çıkartı.Tutkunu olduğu tüm grupların fotoğraflarını çeken, hatta çektikleriyle pek çok müzisyenin albüm kapağına imza atan Steve Gullick, 90’ların başında, bizzat içerisinde yer aldığı Grunge akımına fotoğraflarıyla şahitlik etti.Daha önce hiçbir yerde yayınlanmamış fotoğrafların yer aldığı bu seçki, Steve Gullick’in kendisinin de katılımıyla açılacak.

Ramon Maıden

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 ARTIST: Ramon Maiden     CATEGORY: Solo Exhibition      WHEN: May 18,2013


I was born in 1972 in Barcelona, but I’ve never felt bound anywhere and I have traveled extensively. I lived in other countries and I considered NYC as my second city. I have never studied art and my training as an artist has been entirely self-taught.


My training, ideas, sources of inspiration… are all dynamic and changing, and so are the techniques and methods I employ. I try not to focus on anything too specific and progress by using different sources and experimenting. My training as a social worker, my passion for traveling, my family history and my experience with visual arts…are all very diverse and not at all uniform, which allows me to be very creative.I recently started painting on wood, is a bit complicated because you have to be very careful and delicate, but the result is very rewarding.


My work is a reflection of my way of life, my career, training, experiences, travels, interests. It is difficult to define and is constantly moving, growing and modified on the fly. I am very interested in history, the ancient religions, politics and my art is imbued with that.My style is very characteristic and people are usually identified quickly. I try not only cause visual impact and also convey a message, idea, purpose..I perceive the tattoo as a form of artistic expression. Many of the artists I follow not only deal with tattoos, but they are also very good at other types of art. Lola Garcia, Seth Wood, Dr. Lakra, , Annie Frenzel, Sebastian Domasche, Matthias Boechtter, Ryan Mason or Amina Charai are excellent tattooists, great artists and friends.


It is difficult to identify what my style, it’s usually quite changeable and I like to have different sources of inspiration. I love the historical motives and many of my works are steeped in it. The world wars, the Victorian era, the American 20’s ,… attempt to combine many of my illustrations. I like to shake consciences, give some thought and religion and politics are also present in my work

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