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 ARTIST: Various     WHERE: Galata Rum Okulu      WHEN: 25 – 28 December


Milk proud to present its first pop-up exhibition!


The first of the new ritual in Istanbul, Istanbul Coffee Festival will bring the gusto of the third wave of coffee trends in Galata Rum Okulu, in its historical ambience, for four days from 25-28 December, for every level of coffee enthusiasts.


Milk contributes the festival by presenting a mini pop-up exhibition with 11 cutting-edge artists; Burak Şentürk, Ethem Onur Bilgiç, Sedat Girgin, Emrah Tümer, HamHam, Damla Esen, Doğan Pehlevan, Mustafa Soydan, Engin Öztekin, Sadi Tekin and Manbor.


Galata Rum Okulu with its neo-classic architectural style was constructed in the late nineteenth century for the education of Greek children in Istanbul and was closed as a school in 2007, due to lack of students. Since 2012, the Galata Greek Primary School is the host and an important centre for many cultural events, embracing Istanbul for its numerous cultural, art and educational events. Wishing to meet the New Year’s Eve at this Istanbul Landmark of five storeys and 4,000 sqm. There is room for everyone!

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