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 ARTIST: Various     CATEGORY: Group Exhibition      WHEN: April 02,2011


Happiness is an universal feeling everyone can feel, but it is personal and unique, as well. Someone can be happy because of a thousand of reasons, and they are different for every single person. However, advertising, Media, television series and other impacts that we receive daily, often show us an unreal and artificial stereotype of happiness, which does not correspond with our daily reality.


It is time for people to show, through their photographs, what actually makes them happy: a special moment, a feeling, a place, a person, an idea, some details, everything is good as long as it reflects any moment of true happiness.


On July 2nd, in over 20 cities simultaneously, anonymous photographs will become real protagonists of a unique exhibition: a wall will turn into a improvised open-air museum, where everyone could show their pictures and see them. We all know what makes us happy, but what is happiness for the rest of the people? We’ll find it out soon.

Muharrem Çetin

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 ARTIST: Muharrem Çetin     CATEGORY: Solo Exhibition      WHEN: June 30,2011


Banané & Milk present the first solo exhibition of Muharrem Cetin.
Born in Istanbul in 1983, Muharrem has been working in the textiles
sector since the year 2000, and entered the world of fashion after
working as assistant to the fashion designer Baha Kutan. For the past
three years he has produced designs for numerous fashion brands.


Fascinated by anatomical imagery, Muharrem began collecting bits and
pieces in the hope of one day being able to utilise them for artwork.Two years ago he began experimenting by layering his found imagery and continued to extend his collection by skimming through online
libraries and scanning old books. His digital collages have been internationally recognised and featured in magazines both printed and online. Recently, he has made the transition from digital to physical
pieces, constructing intricate large scale collages.


Muharrem’s first exhibition at Milk Gallery consists of a variety of
layered collage pieces, a series of notebooks, a T-shirt and jewellery

Baran Baran

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 COLLECTOR: Baran Baran     CATEGORY: Toy Collection      WHEN: June 14,2011


“Designer Toys”, “Urban Vinyl”, “Art Toys”… These are all words used to describe a world of fun in design world.
Designed by various graphic designers, illustrators, traditional artists and graffiti artists, these toys are responsible for creating long lines in front of shops, eBay fights, drooling customers browsing blogs and domestic fights(for the space they occupy).


Baran Baran has been collecting these toys since 5 years and now, he is moving his collection of over 300 toys from Baran Baran Animation Office into Milk Gallery for a month.
If names such as KAWS, Tim Biskup, Gary Baseman, Coarse Toys, Ashley Wood, Amanda Visell and Pete Fowler mean anything to you, you are invited to Milk Gallery to see their work up close!

Asu Ceren

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 ARTIST: Asu Ceren     CATEGORY: Solo Exhibition      WHEN: November 03,2011


MUEKK is a portrait of a journey to a particular planet accompanied by the texture of sound.That happens every time you fall asleep with washing machines movement. Alternate angles of dreams causing an obsession with documenting astonishing colorless events on Earth. You bring these characters here, they become breathing in water,smelling shapes of nature and can communicate all animals. They now want to get both these planet organisms together and also believe this is how we can see the details of reality itself completely.

Teo Skaffa

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 ARTIST: Teo Skaffa     CATEGORY: Solo Exhibition      WHEN: September 13,2011


First solo exhibition of Teo Skaffa.
Teo Skaffa Should be big in Japan, but isn’t.
He’s also not big in the Netherlands where he hails from.
However, this makes for very little suffering, since the happily habitual user of all things forbidden by law (in most countries anyway) consistently chooses to pick the fruits of life, rather than dwell on the sufferings. He limits his concern to cats (which he has a borderline creepy fascination with) and females of the human persuasion (who have a borderline creepy fascination with him).
Due to (or in spite of) all this, Teo Skaffa is deeply moved by his life’s encounters every week.
As a result, (and also because it’s the only thing he’s good at) he paints all of the situations he finds himself in with aforementioned females as pieces of drama, mystery or blunt ruggedness.
While one piece may has a set of cryptic meanings, the other can revolve around a simple dark element. Whichever way depicted, there is always a central creature based on someone he has met (or wished he had never met).
If anything, they are like pets to any lonesome persons groggy existence.

Paper Girl

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 ARTIST: Various     CATEGORY: Group Exhibition      WHEN: March 18,2011


Papergirl is, in essence, a mail-art and delivery systems art project that is participatory, analogue, non-commercial, and impulsive. Papergirl project is founded by Aisha Ronniger from Berlin, in 2006. In the next 5 years it grew and grew with a great success and became a global young artist network. This project has spread to 4 continents, took place on 20 cities in 12 different countries and keeps on getting bigger with every new city!


Gen Atem

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 ARTIST: Meredit Dittmar     CATEGORY: Solo Exhibition      WHEN: February 10,2011


Gen Atem, aka Gen-U-One, is a pioneer of the European urban art movement. His works in the early 80ies, paintings on subway trains and walls, and live performances in public areas were important in establishing the European street art culture. With his home base in Zurich, he’s been active in Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and Barcelona. During the 80ies he lived in New York City where he realized several exhibitions and performances.​


After graduating from the school of graphic arts, Gen Atem studied eastern calligraphy, philosophy and meditation in a Buddhist monastery for seven years and received the Zen priest ordination. Gen Atem is an international active artist with an impressive résumé of exhibitions and performances. He works and lives in Zurich, Switzerland.

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