Merve Morkoç

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 ARTIST: Merve Morkoç     CATEGORY: Solo Exhibition      WHEN: December 09,2010


Sergi adından da anlaşılacağı gibi, eski bir aile geleneğini sürdüren Netame Hanım önderliğindeki bir gösteri gurubunun portresini bize sunuyor. Alışılmış kumpanyaların aksine onlarla pek de hoş vakit geçirmeniz mümkün değil. Oldukça tekinsiz olan bu kumpanya, beklentilerinizi yıkıp onları oldukları gibi kabul etmenizi bekliyor.


1986 İstanbul doğumlu Merve Morkoç, liseden sonra kısa bir süreliğine iktisat okumak için Bolu’ya gidip sonra vazgeçerek İstanbul’a dönüp Mimar Sinan Üniversitesi Grafik Tasarım bölümüne girdi. O dönemde yaptığı çalışmaları sokağa taşımaya başladı.Bir süre okuduğu bölümle ilgili olarak bir reklam ajansında çalıştı.Sonrasında bu sektörden,resim yapmak üzere ayrıldı. Katıldığı birçok grup sergisinin yanısıra, en son The Hall’de “1335” adıyla, üçlü bir sergi projesinin son ayağı olarak işlerini sergiledi ve şu sıralar da önümüzdeki kış ve ilkbaharda olması planlanan solo sergileri için hazırlanıyor.

Joe Ledbetter

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 ARTIST: Joe Ledbetter     CATEGORY: Solo Exhibition      WHEN: November 05,2010


Artist and toy designer Joe Ledbetter (Los Angeles, USA) will take his act on the road and present 5 art shows in 5 different cities across Europe. In the spirit of a touring rock band, Ledbetter will travel from city to city (London, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, and Istanbul) presenting separate shows that will feature new paintings, toy releases, and book signings. While each exhibition will showcase a different theme, the work is meant show international commonalities through current events and humor.


Sponsored by Baran Baran Animation Studio

Guy McKınley

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 ARTIST: Guy McKinley     CATEGORY: Solo Exhibition      WHEN: October 01,2010


I am a freelance illustrator/concept artist/painter who has, since graduating in 2003, been involved in lots of diverse projects relying on my strong character work. I initially began (and continue) producing hand drawn & digital work used in editorials, pre-production concepts, character design and more commercial images for promotional and advertising campaigns, but more recently I have also been taking part in live exhibitions & gallery shows with my more personal paintings and illustrative work.

Jon Burgerman

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 ARTIST: Jon Burgerman     CATEGORY: Solo Exhibition      WHEN: September 02,2010


Jon Burgerman makes vibrant, neo primitive scrawls of shapes and colour. He’s pushed his monster-like characters into compositions where cartoon-like forms are crammed on top of each other until they create a screaming mass of energy. Intensely prolific, he has pushed the character obsession of the late 90s into a far more interesting and strong direction. Think Walt Disney at an Incan monument on mescaline.” Quote from Francesca Gavin, author of Street Renegades and Visual Arts Editor of Dazed & Confused

Ezgi Genç

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 ARTIST: Ezgi Genç     CATEGORY: Solo Exhibition      WHEN: April 01,2010


Ezgi Genç, who studies Traditional Turkish Arts in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University puts a new interpretation on movie posters, with felt, an art material which has never been used before in designing traditional movie posters. Ezgi’s first personal exhibition, which she calls


“Dowery Movies”, is at Milk Gallery and Design Store on April 1!
Because she thinks the movie posters get more ordinary day by day and the designers take the easy way out, Ezgi tries to find a personal approach for the situation. Ezgi, who designs 3 dimensional, interactive movie posters, presents her feelings and childlike ideas without regard to any marketing strategies on the posters she creates.


If you wonder what movies these hand crafted posters (made with love) belong to, just stop by Milk in April..

Turkısh Graffıtı

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 ARTIST: Various     CATEGORY: Group Exhibition      WHEN: March 11,2010


Milk Gallery proudly presents the first Turkish Graffiti Show!
Heroes of the Turkish Graffiti scene; Turbo, Weak, Wyne, Tabone, Funk, Omeria, Canavar (aka TRE) and Cins, have never followed rules or conventions. This March Milk Gallery hosts the opening of their very first group show and provides a fascinating insight into their individual practices, the way that the collective works together and their influence on Turkish graffiti.


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 ARTIST: Das Mo     CATEGORY: Solo Exhibition      WHEN: March 27,2009


Timo aka „das mo“ is a toy designer and customizer currently based in Munich, Germany. He started casting toys like 3 years back – 100% handmade, 100% in house production. das mo published his first DIY toy platform Mate end of 2007 and kicked of his Tales from Mo Island series with the release of his Monster Mates in early 2008. Since there were various toy customs and character related canvases published and currently das mo is working on a new toy platform to be released this year!
Some of his works will be;
# MoRobo – custom robolucha
# some hand casted blank toys
# the king off… – custom mate
# heavy monster mate support bot – custom monster mate
# custom ego – ego platform by dust
# sad little tv – custom toy made from munny accessories
# bramble dog – custom bramble by ashley wood
# skully bo(o)mber – custom skully
# the lost guard – custom mate
# custom fyoog robot toy

and some more suprises !


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 ARTIST: Xavier Gallego     CATEGORY: Solo Exhibition      WHEN: January 02,2010


Hello Eyesores Lovers! Istanbul will be hosting the first eyesore art show, and the Milk Gallery & Design Shop will be the place ( a really cool spot right in the center )
For that special day, I will be there in person to hug,dance, jump and chat with you, so please… don’t disappoint me, come. Lot of eyesores products will be available on the gallery, time has come to eyesorize your world. lot of love for you and more for me. : )

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